Have you witnessed your child drawing or doodling on paper? The significance of art and craft in early childhood development is unparalleled. Are you wondering about the right time to introduce artistic concepts to your baby? There is no proper timeline for this. You can slowly introduce different colours and shapes to your child. After some time, urge them to draw using pencils, crayons, and colours. Painting kits help your baby get all the items required to unleash their creativity.

Is art & craft really important for childhood development?

There are multiple benefits of art and craft in early childhood development. It helps in the development of emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. If you are on the lookout for Art and craft kit for 2 years, choose The Brainy Bear Store.

The Brainy Bear Store offers a wide range of products designed as per the age of the child. These products are Montessori-based and are completely child-safe. They provide Kindergarten activity kits, along with other learning kits for toddlers and other children. With these activities, your child can obtain various crucial skills such as cognitive, hand-eye coordination, fine motor, emotional, visual, etc.

Benefits of Art & Craft in child development

Kids generally love to explore arts and crafts. However, if your kid doesn't like drawing, introduce them to other artistic alternatives like glass painting, dyeing, etc. Art and craft have various forms and you never know what will interest your kid unless you introduce them.

Here are some positive effects of art and craft on child development –


With art, children find it easy to grow their creative skills. It helps them express themselves and spark their imagination. It also helps kids cope with different emotions. Innovation and exploration of new ideas are the reasons why kids often love art and craft. However, it is necessary for parents to understand that creativity is not synonymous with talent or skill. It is simply the art of thinking, discovering, and exploring creative ideas.

Motor skills

Using the small fingers to draw or spread colours help in the development of fine motor skills. Moreover, it helps in boosting bilateral motor skills as children understand how to use both hands simultaneously. The development of fine motor skills is utterly crucial for daily life. Eating on their own, dressing themselves, or tying their shoelaces becomes easy.

Parent-child bonding

Children cherish quality time with their parents. And one of the best ways to do so is to enjoy arts and crafts together. For instance, you and your child can create a greeting card from scratch. You can enjoy these special moments with Art and craft kit for 2 years and help your baby create something while discussing new ideas. It is an excellent way to start conversations and create precious, lifelong memories.


Did you know arts and crafts give kids the confidence to try new things? Yes! That's right. These activities offer a sense of achievement and allow your kids to take pride in what they have created with their own hands. That, in turn, boosts confidence. Besides, it is a great way for parents to teach children that mistakes are not the end of the world. And sometimes, it can even create something new or better. Painting also helps children develop patience, which will help immensely later.

Hand-eye coordination

Kindergarten activity kits containing arts and crafts materials are great for the development of hand-eye coordination. Engaging in these activities enables the child to use both hands and eyes in a coordinated manner. Later, hand-eye coordination will help in forming letters or writing words properly.

Social development

Art and craft is an excellent way to develop your child's social skills. It will help your kid make more friends and interact with others. For that, enroll your child in an art & craft class or group containing other children. He/she can make new friends and learn how to do new things together.

Math concepts

You might find it difficult to understand, but art and craft can indeed help in building math concepts. Sounds unbelievable, right? But if you actually dig a bit deeper, you will discover the connection. Art and craft help kids learn, understand, and identify different shapes, patterns, and count. They can also get an idea about sizes and lengths from the art materials. Painting kits help in mastering math while boosting problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

The Brainy Bear Store is a top-rated edutainment brand offering a diverse selection of Montessori-based toys. Here, you will find Kindergarten activity kits, Montessori Learning Kit for Play Group & Nursery, and more. The age-appropriate toys help in the development of a wide variety of skills such as fine motor, cognitive, emotional, hand & wrist control, etc. You will also find Painting kits to help your child let their creativity flow.

May 29, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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