Is your baby struggling to hold the pencil? Often, parents are worried about their children attaining developmental milestones as they grow. However, if you are thinking of enrolling your child in kindergarten or simply teaching him/her the basic concepts, holding a pencil is essential. The building blocks that result in your child holding something starts at an early age. There are various activities that help in Pincer Grip Development.

Pincer grip: What is it?

Pincer grip, also known as Pincer Grip Development, is using the forefinger and the thumb to hold or pinch an object. It is a critical fine motor skill that plays a vital role in our daily lives. For instance, it is necessary for self-feeding, zipping, buttoning, holding utensils, holding a pencil, etc.

At The Brainy Bear Store, you will find a wide array of Educational Toys. These Montessori-inspired activities serve various purposes. With the assistance of these age-appropriate toys, your child can develop multiple skills such as cognitive, fine motor, hand eye coordination, emotional, social, and more!

Activities to boost Pincer Grip Development

There are multiple hands-on activities that enhance Pincer Grip Development. Let’s take a look –

1. My First Pincer Grip Kit

An excellent kit to develop the pincer grip in children is My First Pincer Grip Kit. It is designed for kids between the age of 1-2 years. It contains multiple activities such as cutting fruit activity, beading activity, lacing shoe, and color pallete. The cutting fruit activity is a great pretend play activity that aids in developing pre-writing skills. With the beading activity, pincer grip development occurs. Knowing how to tie shoelaces is a critical life skill that will also help him/her in the future. The color pallete contains a tong and poms poms, which assist in three-finger grip and fine motor skills.

2. Pincer Grip Development Animal Wheel Activity

Another exceptional toy that aids in the development of pincer grip is the Animal Wheel Activity. With this activity, the child can develop coordinated muscle movements in the fingers and hands. It also helps the baby improve the ability to grip, pinch, hold, and manipulate small objects. Besides, the Animal Wheel Activity boosts cognitive and sorting & matching skills. The activity also helps your kid know more about animals, their foods & shelters.

3. Pincer Grip Aiding Pulling Cylinder Activity

The Pincer Grip Aiding Pulling Cylinder Activity is another top-notch activity for developing fine motor skills. Apart from this, it also helps your baby have an understanding of the sense of feel and sight. The Interactive Pulling Cylinder aids in developing various skills like hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, finger muscle strength, and cognitive skills. It is also a critical activity for writing readiness.

4. Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box

The Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box is an absolute delight curated for babies between 2 and 4 years of age. The kit is an excellent assortment of activities that helps your baby develop a wide range of skills. The box contains a plethora of fun tasks like racing, lacing, beading, zipping, buttoning, tripod grip, pincer grip, and more. These activities are carefully selected to increase concentration & focus along with finger dexterity and finer muscle strength. Let your child explore these activities and have fun while you get rid of writing worries.

5. Writing Stencils

Specifically curated for children in the 2-4 years age bracket, Writing Stencils help in the development of pincer grip. This kit contains Hindi Swar, Hindi Vyanjan, Numbers, and English alphabets. These stencils are great for practicing handwriting. It helps in easy recognition and improves memory skills.

6. Hand eye coordination kit

The hand eye coordination kit is a carefully put-together activity kit for toddlers. It contains five unique activities that assist in the development of various skills. These include building prewriting skills, boosting finger muscle strength, and more. Here, you will find All in one Buttoning Pouch, Pincer Grip Development Tongs Activity, Pincer Grip Development Animal Wheel Activity, Lacing Shoe, and Beading Activity. All these activities have varied purposes. For instance, the beading activity helps in fine motor skills and pincer grip development. On the other hand, lacing shoe assists in visual perception skills and hand-eye coordination.

7. Fruits & Vegetables Beading Activity

Did you know that beading is a critical activity for the development of pincer grip? The Fruits & Vegetables Beading Activity is designed to help your child improve fine motor skills. Threading the beads helps in increasing focus and concentration. It also creates curiosity and interest regarding different fruits and vegetables.

If you are on the lookout for the best Educational Toys, choose The Brainy Bear Store. The brand offers a wide selection of toys exclusively designed as per the age of the child. Help your child obtain critical skills such as Pincer Grip Development, hand eye coordination, emotional skills, visual-spatial skills, and more!
May 29, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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