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Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box (3-4 Years)

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Product Description

At the age of 3 your child learns a lot of new words by listening to you and other adults. They also learn from new experiences and from listening to stories read aloud to them. Your child still understands many more words than they can actually talk so this is the time to develop their linguistic skills. They may tell simple stories, put words to emotions, and use words as part of their play with others, especially friends, so encourage this.

At 3+ kids start developing favorite characters and stories and want the same every night. This is completely normal. Our 3+ story box has stories to capture their special interests, from birthday celebrations, to what they will be, vehicles and trains, to animals, simple phonic stories, grandparents and their funny tales, pleasant stories about the first day at school and so much more. Help your child build his/her own personal library with our expertly curated monthly set of books.   

Our 3+ Box has a lovely goodie too, in EVERY BOX !! Yes!!! The freebies in each box, which have been specially selected for your little tot, are an additional bonus.



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