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Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box (4-5 Years)

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Product Description

At the age of four, children typically know around 1,500 words! If your child’s vocabulary is increasing, it shows an interest in learning and using new words and this must be encouraged. They are able to absorb more complex stories and can also retell a story now more confidently. Many children are also able to start recognizing simple sight words and try to read as well. Our 4+ box has beautifully illustrated books that build on a variety of life skills and knowledge like stories on good manners, virtues, popular fables, folk tales, school fun, tooth tales, space, the sun, stars, and family. We hope this gift of books will give wings to your 4-year-old and develop a beautiful bond while reading with you till they start reading to you!

Our 4+ Box has a lovely goodie too, in EVERY BOX !! Yes!!! The freebies in each box, which have been specially selected for your little tot, are an additional bonus.