Are you looking for the best Montessori Toys for your little one? Do you want to gift unique Montessori Learning Toys as birthday gifts to an excited two-year old? We understand the dilemma in choosing that perfect gift. However, the presence of educational toys makes it easy for you to choose birthday presents for little ones.

The best Montessori Toys for birthdays

Is your baby ready to celebrate his second birthday? Are you wondering what to buy for a one-year old? Worry not!

The Brainy Bear Store is a one-stop solution for your baby’s learning needs. We offer a diverse collection of montessori learning toys for babies of different age brackets. These toys are designed from the finest materials and aid in achieving various developmental milestones.

Here is a list of the top 6 Montessori inspired birthday gifts –

1.  The Montessori & Brain Development Toys for 7-9 months

If you are looking for montessori toys for 1 year olds, check out these incredible Montessori & Brain Development Toys. The box includes multiple activities that are dedicated to that particular age group. For instance, this box contains puppet play, textured cube, bang o' music, kid o' pillar, my first bowl and spoon, story book, educational flash cards, stickers mentioning age, roly poly wobble toy, and palmar grasp egg. All these activities help in the promotion of a wide range of skills. These include color recognition, fine motor skills, musical intelligence, etc. In fact, these boxes are available for 0-2 year olds and are categorized based on age.

2.  Peek a Boo Sensory Pouch (Aquatic life)

Do you want to choose the best montessori toys for 2 year olds? In that case, the Aquatic life themed peek a boo sensory pouch is the perfect birthday gift. The sensory rice-filled pouch is filled with miniature treasures. The baby must look for these precious trinkets and use hand movements to bring them to the top. It promotes fine motor and matching skills, which ultimately aids in visual discrimination. Gift your child this beautiful sensory pouch, and watch them be amazed!

3.  Quiet Busy Book-Animals+ Activity Kit

Another excellent gift for your little one is the Quiet Busy Book-Animals+ Activity Kit. It contains numerous montessori learning toys. The combination of an activity kit with the book is a great gift. The activity kit contains multiple activities that will keep your child engaged. Besides, you can play with your kids and spend some quality time together. Not to mention, your baby also learns some critical developmental skills. On the other hand, the storybook is carefully curated based on animals. The book can be used down the years if stored carefully. It is an exceptional repeat learning gift.

4.  Sensory Montessori Mat

One of the best Montessori Learning Toys for your cutie turning two is the Sensory Montessori Mat. Kids love to explore, and motivating them to understand the sense of touch is important. The sense of touch allows your baby to know more about external and internal environments. It ultimately aids in sensory perception. The Sensory Montessori Mat has a wide range of textures on the surface. These are a combination of soft, smooth, grassy, very hard, etc. With this sensory mat, you can stimulate the senses, help in visual perception and promote overall brain development.

5.  Brain Development Flash Cards 

Did you know that flashcards are excellent learning tools? Yes! Even teens or pre-teens use it to memorize crucial details before examinations. These brain development flash cards are specifically designed to ensure your kids get the information without making them bored. Children have very little attention span. So, to make them learn anything, the toys need to be engaging. With these toys, you can boost and enhance active recall. It leads to the creation of neural connections, which ultimately aid in improving memory. In this set, you will get four different flash card types – means of transport, colors, shapes, and aquatic life.

6.  Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box

If you love story books and want to introduce them to your child, choose the Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box. These are specifically made on the basis of age. You will find age-appropriate storybooks written by Indian authors. It is a conscious effort to make children more aware of Indian authors and their incredible stories. If you want, you can also place an order for Hindi storybooks. Read out the stories to your child and watch them learn new words every day. Cultivating this habit will help them grow an affection for reading.

At The Brainy Bear Store, we provide a wide array of Montessori Toys exclusively designed for babies. These toys help your child develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pincer grip development, emotional skills, etc. If you are looking for birthday gift ideas, check out our vast collection today!

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