Parenthood is a complicated yet rewarding journey. There is nothing more blissful than seeing your child grow up and learn critical developmental skills. And one of the most inevitable parts of your baby's childhood is toys. Here is when mindful parenting decisions come into play. Selecting educational games for kids can make all the difference. When chosen carefully, these toys aid in achieving various developmental skills. However, the presence of multiple toys in the market can make this choice difficult.

Parenting guide: How to choose the best educational toys?

Before you go ahead and buy Educational Toys, make sure they are age-appropriate. That means you cannot purchase anything that grabs your attention. Think from your child’s perspective and buy what you think will keep him interested. If your child doesn't even want to look at or touch the toy, spending money on it will make no difference.

At The Brainy Bear Store, you will find a wide range of Educational Toys for your baby. These are categorized based on the age of the child. You will also find toys or activities developed specifically to boost a particular skill, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.

  • Pick age-appropriate toys.

The first rule for purchasing educational toys is to make sure they are appropriate for your child. Keep in mind that the toy must challenge the child to learn new skills, but it shouldn't be something impossible. In your quest to help your baby achieve developmental milestones, don't frustrate them or give them extremely difficult toys. For instance, if you are looking for educational toys for 2 to 3 year olds, you can check out the Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box.

  • Understand what catches the interest of your child.

Choosing what educational toys you think are the right choice for your child won't matter if he/she isn't interested. They need to have an interest to play with or touch it. Otherwise, the toys wouldn't be able to help your child in any way. That is why you must observe your child and find what they love the most. For example, if your baby loves animal figures, get toys that have animals on them. Once your baby is interested, the toy can help in developing critical skills.

  • Consider toys that boost social skills.

Social skills are one of the most critical developmental skills. You need to help your child develop them. For that, you must choose toys that require multiple people to play with them. That will compel your baby to interact with others, thereby promoting social skills. For example – puzzle sets or board games are perfect for social skill development. These educational games for kids help in understanding the basics of sharing, cooperating, and making compromises. Learning all of these will help them navigate future situations with ease.

  •  Select open-ended toys.

Before you purchase open-ended toys, it is vital to know more about them. So, what are open-ended toys? These are basically toys that can be used in several ways to promote different activities. There are no established rules or fixed results. For example – blocks, animal figurines, dolls, etc., are open-ended toys. Now you must be wondering why open-ended toys are so important. The primary reason is that these activities boost critical thinking. It also keeps the boredom away, and you don't have to think of purchasing new toys often. Kids absolutely love open-ended toys, and you can encourage them to do something creative.

  • Give preference to real-world exploration games.

Learning games ultimately prepare the child for the real world. That is one of the most beneficial aspects of buying educational toys. As your child grows up, get them real-world exploration toys. Help them understand their surroundings and encourage them to ask questions. The more your child asks the whys, hows, and whens, the better it is for their overall growth. Science kits or DIY projects are examples of educational games that make your kids curious and urge them to know more about the real world.

  • Check out the materials used to develop toys.

Toys made for children don't necessarily have to be safe or non-toxic. The presence of multiple vendors and brands gives access to a wide range of toys. Nowadays, it has become even more important to take a look at the materials used to develop the toy. After that, conduct a thorough search of the materials and ensure they are child-friendly. Remember to only select toys that are free from toxic materials. You don’t want anything to harm or even potentially harm your child.

The Brainy Bear Store is the leading edutainment brand offering a diverse selection of educational games. Here, you can view the vast collection of learning games for kids based on age, skill, etc. Check out the Montessori-inspired toys for your child today!

May 29, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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