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My First Palmar Grasp Kit

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The PALMAR GRASP EGG is a wonderful tool for your baby to use both sides of the body at the same time and develop the palmar grasp. The palmar grasp reflex allows your baby to close his/her fingers around an object and place it in their palm. This is one of the several newborn reflexes that appear at birth. 

Our Palmar Grasp Tool helps to enhance Fine Motor Skills in newborns and toddlers which will gradually help them hold objects such as feeding bottles, spoons, or toys and any other activity which they can do with their hands. This Tool also boosts cognitive skills or brain development skills in babies.


Our ROLY POLY WOBBLE TOY is specially curated for your little one to develop fine motor skills. Your baby will just love playing with this toy. This will help the baby build focus and enable both eyes to work together. As the baby gets older, it will help stimulate the connection in the baby’s brain. Allow the baby to hit this toy with his hand or foot or let him/her use it as a Top.