Montessori Activity Toys for 19 Months

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Brainy Bear Montessori & Brain Development Toys for 19 Months helps the child develop a pincer grip through a variety of activities which is a must for writing in the later years.
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Scooping and transferring is a great Montessori inspired activity for toddlers. It helps in hand & eye coordination, fine motor, and cognitive skills. It builds concentration along with building arm, hand, and finger strength.


Children are up to naughty tricks while enjoying a car ride with their parents. Be it fiddling with the buttons, opening and closing the windows or making a racket; children expose themselves to unavoidable injuries while doing so. Safe in the Car provides instructions along with lively illustrations and a right and wrong option to help them follow safety rules inside a car.


The Safety Scissors in this Box have an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy for smaller hands to hold. The scissor blades have round tips that keep the fingers safe. Practicing to cut on the dotted lined sheets provided in the packet using scissors will develop your child's fine motor skills and coordination, as during this period they will develop muscles that they haven't used before.


Montessori Peg Wheel is the right example of Learning- by - Doing approach. It helps the child in enhancing pincer grip, hand eye coordination and colour identification.


In this activity, your child has to match the wooden clip featuring an animal to the spoke of the wheel that depicts the food or home where that animal lives. This activity, which entails coordinated movement of muscles in the hands and fingers, will help enhance the ability required for gripping, pinching and manipulating small objects.


Pre-Math concepts should be taught in the early stages. More and less is a perfect life skill tool. This concept can be taught using toys, attractive objects, fruits & vegetables using hands, eyes and expressions.


With fun patterns and bright colors, our specially curated puzzles are a favorite among small children. Solving puzzles offer an array of developmental benefits so children can learn new skills. Puzzles challenge our problem-solving skills, help us learn new concepts, and keep our minds active and engaged.


Teaching emotions and expressions to children can be quite tough when we try to do it in an instructive way. What better way to encourage/teach this than through play! This puzzle will help your child understand and interpret each emotion in an easy and fun way.


Our Flash Cards are an excellent tool for play, homeschooling, or in the preschool classroom. These flash cards have the real image by which the child can easily connect and this aids visual development with easy to read large fonts.