Montessori Activity Toys for 18 Months

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Brainy Bear Montessori & Brain Development Toys for 18 Months gives a boost to the cognitive skills & and early reading skills of children.
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Lacing Shoe

Tying shoe laces is an integral part of a child's development and your child can master this activity with regular practice

Story Book

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends.

Activity Book Kit + Tripod Grip Crayons

This book is filled with interactive activities such as coloring, using match sticks to make patterns, cutting and pasting of different shapes, finger dabbing etc. Each page of the book comes with simple instructions that can be understood by any caretaker or by the child herself. Along with the book, all the required art and craft supplies are provided in the kit.

Colour Ring Stacker

Stacking is a fun-filled activity. This wonderful activity hones fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Our Colour Ring Stacker also helps the children to learn colours with a hands-on approach.

Fruits & Vegetables – Part & Whole Disc

Our Fruits & Vegetables- Part & Whole Disc is an interesting activity to give an understanding to the child about the colours of different fruits and vegetables. It gives an understanding to the child how the fruit /vegetable looks internally when cut and the way it looks externally or as a whole.

Puzzle - My Shopping Basket

With fun patterns and bright colors, our specially curated puzzles are a favorite among small children. Solving puzzles offer an array of developmental benefits so children can learn new skills. Puzzles challenge our problem-solving skills, help us learn new concepts, and keep our minds active and engaged.

Flash Cards – Wild Animals

Our Flash Cards are an excellent tool for play, homeschooling, or in the preschool classroom. These flash cards have the real image by which the child can easily connect and this aids visual development with easy to read large fonts. Children learn best through play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ashish patel

Nice product, the toys are different and my child loves to play with them.

Revathi M

The products helped the child to learn new concepts, and keep child active and engaged.

Abhishek S

The product are highly engaging and helped in learninering new skills. Puzzles challenge our problem-solving skills, help us learn new concepts, and keep our minds active

Harshika Prajapati

Good product the activities are very interesting.