Montessori & Brain Development Toys for 13 - 15 Months

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Brainy Bear Montessori & Brain Development Toys for 1 Year Old helps the child develop exposure to different shapes and colors along with honing their fine motor skills.

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- Our specially selected stories spark imagination
- Stimulates curiosity
- Helps to develop a child's brain
- Increases ability to focus and concentrate
- Enhances their social and communication skills


- Opportunity to build awareness of the world
- Provides a sensory experience
- Gardening further helps in exploring how things feel, smell and taste


- Definitely one to treasure forever


- A Montessori-inspired activity
- Involves water play, pouring containers
- Offer experiential and sensorial development and some critical life skills


- Helps in enhancing pincer grip
- Builds a great sense of achievement


- Impactful micro-learning tools for educating toddlers and pre-schoolers
- Used for building cognitive skills, focus, concentration, imagination
- Hones visual-spatial understanding in early years of learning


- Puzzles are classic toys loved by toddlers


- Toddlers are great imitators
- Improves their linguistic and emotive capabilities

Story books

- Introduce sounds
- Boosts imagination
- Stimulate curiosity
- Develops the child's brain
- Ability to focus and concentrate
- Enhances their social and communication skills

My Magical Sensory Mat

- Different textures for sensory play
- Highly impactful
- Helps in building tactile stimulation
- Aids in boosting cognitive and developmental skills
- Enhancing visual perception
- Grasping skills
- Self-awareness

Educational flashcards

- Builds cognitive skills
- Builds focus
- Improves concentration
- Better imagination
- Hone visual-spatial

Pullying Cylinder

- Finger dexterity
- Improves hand-eye coordination
- Develops cognitive skills
- Builds finger muscle strength

My First Hygiene Kit

- Introduces the concept of health and hygiene
Great significance in our day-to-day lives

Rainbow Stacker

- Open-ended, Waldorf-inspired toy
- Ideal for exploration and sparks curiosity
- Boosts reasoning and problem-solving skills
- Baby can hone hand-eye coordination


- Development of fine motor skills
- Boosts pincer grip development
- Strengthens the small muscles
- Great tool for imaginative play
- Supports early development.

Story books

- Introduction of words, sounds, and a fantasy world
- Sparks imagination and boost curiosity
- Helps in early development of the brain
- Promotes social and communication skills.

Color sorting toy

- Great tool for developing visual perception
- Better understanding of colors
Aids in boosting memory skills

Educational flashcards

- Critical micro-learning tool
Essential for the development of cognitive skills, concentration, focus
- Promotes visual-spatial understanding
Enhances self-confidence in the early years of learning

Opposite puzzle cards

- Excellent Montessori-inspired toy
Motivate your child to say opposite things by showing one card
- Great way to help your toddler understand the basic concept of opposites
Boosts the baby’s ability to describe different things


- Scooping and pouring activity
- Boosts hand-eye coordination
- Assists in building arm, hand, and finger strength

Hammer it up

- Great preschool Montessori object permanence toy - Helps in building muscle strength
- Aids in the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition

Roll the delight - Cookie Cutter

- Exceptional Montessori toy
- Helps your child make exciting shapes from the play dough
- Boosts hand-eye coordination, strengthens the small muscles
- Improves dexterity.

3 dowel stacker

- Stacking activity that helps your child differentiate colors
- Improves critical thinking skills
- Aids in the development of early math skills
Aids in pincer grip development and fine motor skills

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