Did you know there is a link between hand-eye coordination and academic performance? Research states that improved hand-eye coordination skills have a connection with better academic skills. Surprised, right?

As a parent, you are responsible for the care and proper growth of your baby. That is why it is essential to choose toys that not only make your little one happy but help in attaining critical skills. These include hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual stimulation, emotional skills, etc. All of them are critical for the healthy growth and development of your baby.

Can hand eye coordination toys actually help?

You might be wondering – “Do hand eye coordination activities actually benefit my child?" The answer is a profound YES! Of course, toys designed to enhance hand-eye coordination skills are critical for your child. Helping your child synchronize hand and eye movement ultimately helps in handwriting, motor planning, tracking, communication skills, visual perception, and more!

At The Brainy Bear Store, we offer a wide range of educational toys for babies. These toys are based on Montessori, Waldorf, and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. Designed exclusively for babies of different age groups, the activities impart a wide range of skills. These include Pincer Grip Development, cognitive skills, language skills, problem-solving skills, and more!

Importance of hand-eye coordination activities

Hand eye coordination activities offer a wide range of benefits. That is why incorporating toys that can impart this skill is essential. Take a look at these advantages –

  • Boosts productivity

When a child can organize movements with their hands and eyes perfectly, they can complete tasks assigned with ease. It is essential to attain critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Enhances reaction times

Better hand eye coordination improves reaction times, which boosts agility. It enables your child to handle various risky situations in the future with ease.

  • Overall development

Hand eye coordination helps in the development of other skills such as visual perception, tracking, handwriting, etc. It enables your child to perform tasks without much hassle.

Toys that help in hand-eye coordination

There are various hand eye coordination activities or toys that can help babies. Here are some of them listed –

  1.     Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box

One of the best hand eye coordination activities you can choose for your little one is the Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box. This wonderful kit includes diverse activities such as tracing, beading, lacing, buttoning, zipping, etc.

All these activities help in the development of a wide variety of skills. These include fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, pincer grip development, cognitive skills, and self-care skills. The activities are perfect for children between 2-4 years.

  1.     Self Awareness Pack

Another excellent gift for attaining better hand eye coordination is the self awareness pack. Teaching your child self-awareness is extremely important and will help them navigate life easily in the future. Even the WHO recommends it as one of the ten core life skills. It contains Good habits vs Bad habits game, my feeling and emotions matching game, When I grow up- Profession puzzle, and a booklet on good Manners.

With this kit, you can help your child obtain different skills such as social, emotional, fine motor, etc. Your baby can also develop problem-solving, hand eye coordination, and cognitive skills.

  1.     Fruits And Vegetables Montessori Activity Box

The Fruits And Vegetables themed Montessori Activity Box is an absolute delight. The activity box comes with a collection of 5 hands-on learning activities. These include Fruits & Vegetables Sorting Activity, Fruits & Vegetable Beading Activity, Stamping cards, Fruits & Vegetable Part & Whole Disc, and a DIY -Fridge Magnet.

With these five activities, your child can develop a wide range of skills. For instance, the sorting activity is great for developing cognitive and fine motor skills. On the other hand, the beading activity helps in improving Pincer Grip Development, visual-spatial skills, etc. The stamping cards help your child develop vocabulary building, cognitive skills, and more! The activities are perfect for 2-4 year old children.

  1.     Hand eye Coordination Package

Another excellent activity kit for hand eye coordination improvement is the assortment of five activities from Brainy Bear Store. It is called the Hand eye coordination package, and each activity contributes to the development of critical life skills.

These include fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, self-care skills, pincer grip development, and cognitive skills. The colorful items will grab the attention of your little one right away. It contains tongs activity, animal wheel activity, etc. Get this package and help your baby grow pre-writing skills and confidence.

The Brainy Bear Store is the one-stop solution for your baby’s educational needs. We provide a wide array of Montessori-inspired toys that help your child attain various developmental skills. These include hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, etc. Assist your child to obtain critical life skills with these exclusively designed educational toys. 

June 05, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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