Are you wondering when to start educating your child? When is the right time to teach them critical life skills? There are no definitive answers to this question. In fact, you can start giving your babies preschool educational toys at an early age. Making playtime fun and educational is the right path to follow. With the help of various fantastic Pre-nursery kits, you can help your child attain developmental milestones. 

The best educational toys for your child

Are you eager to purchase the best preschool educational toys for your baby? We understand the dilemma parents face and are happy to offer unique solutions. 

The Brainy Bear Store is a one-stop shop for your baby’s educational needs. We offer a wide range of Montessori-based toys for your child. These activities help in the development of multiple skills such as fine motor, hand-eye coordination, pincer grip, cognitive, visual stimulation, social and emotional, etc. 

If you are on the lookout for the right Kindergarten activity kits, look no further!

High Contrast Cot Mobile

Perfect for newborn babies till 3 months of age, the cot mobile is a great Montessori-based toy. It is designed in attractive black, red, and white colors to create contrast. Placing it above your baby encourages him/her to reach out to it, enhancing motor skill development. It also helps in the understanding of distance perception and building hand-eye coordination. Continuous looking at the toy assists in the development of spatial awareness.

My Marvelous Maraccas

One of the most interesting Pre-nursery kits is a box curated for babies between the age range of 4-6 months. My Marvelous Maraccas is an excellent Montessori-inspired, high-sensory stimulation musical toy. Babies love to hold and shake these toys and are thoroughly engaged with the sounds. It assists in the building of visual and auditory skills. Reaching out to take the Maraccas also helps in gross motor and fine motor skills development. 

Palmar Grasp Egg

A wonderful toy for babies in the age bracket of 7-9 months is the Palmar Grasp Egg. With this toy, your baby will learn to use both sides of the body simultaneously. It will help in palmar grasp development. However, parents also need to be patient. The activity involves letting your baby hold the egg and placing it on the wooden cup. It is natural for your child to fail on the first few tries. But, you must encourage and motivate them to do it till they can actually complete it successfully. 

My First Gardening Set

One of the most fascinating Pre-nursery kits for babies between the ages of 10-12 months is the Gardening set. You might not be aware, but gardening is actually a sensory experience. It is also an excellent way to teach your baby about nature at an early age. The exploration of nature earlier encourages your child to explore the world too. Moreover, it can cultivate into a hobby in the future. With gardening, you can help your baby understand how things smell, feel, and taste. 

Pouring Containers

It is time to help your child develop life skills with the pouring containers. The simple activity of pouring water carefully teaches your baby several skills. Firstly, it boosts fine motor skills development. Besides, it also strengthens grip holding and improves concentration. With this activity, hand-eye coordination can also be enhanced. When your child falters or spill water, don't get angry. Remember they are kids and are bound to fail. Instead, encourage them to try again and again. 

My Magical Sensory Mat

Did you know that a sensory mat can do wonders for your child? Sounds unbelievable, right? My magical sensory mat is a great Montessori-based product curated especially for babies between the 16-18 age range. It offers a variety of cognitive benefits, along with visual perception and sensory stimulation. The presence of different textures allows your child to develop tactile stimulation. 

Educational flashcards

Educational flashcards are the best preschool educational toys for your baby. Even when your child grows up, flashcards help in studying. These are micro-learning tools that help in teaching practical things to your child. For example, you can teach about the different vegetables, shapes, colors, and more. It is useful for building focus and concentration. 


Do you love storybooks? Let your child develop a reading habit at an early age. The best way to do it is to read out children's story books. Use a sing-song tone or use your hands to be expressive while reading the stories. 

The Brainy Bear Store is a well-known brand offering a wide variety of educational toys for babies of different age brackets. These preschool educational toys are based on Montessori, Waldorf, and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and are curated by early childhood care experts. Check out our fascinating collection today!

June 05, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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