Founder's Message

Dear Mom and Dad,

Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little bundle of joy and welcome to the world of parenting! I wish your little one a life filled with lots of good health, fun, love, learning and joy.

The first 1000 days of a baby's life play an irreplaceable role in both physical as well as mental development. It is a critical time for providing adequate nutrition and care. It is also the ideal time to provide the right mental stimulation to babies. During this period, the brain doubles in size and major strides in language comprehension, motor skills and hand-eye coordination take place. The development that occurs during this time forms the basis of all future learning.

Thank you for choosing The Brainy Bear - Early Skills And Brain Development Tools Box by Get Set Parent with Pallavi to be your companion as you foray into the enchanting world of learning. I hope that this specially hand crafted, unique stimulation kit will enhance the development of your baby's brain during the first 2 years of his/her life.

Lots of love & blessings to your little one.

Happy Parenting!

Best Regards,

Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

Founder, The Brainy Bear Store, Get Set Parent with Pallavi, Brainy Bear Preschools

Vice President, Early Childhood Association of India

Why Choose The Brainy Bear store's Subscription-boxes

Promotes Early Skills

Our subscription boxes are designed as learning development tools that cater to changing skill requirements of a child on a quarterly basis. These activities foster milestone development and ensure the right senses are tickled at the right age. Our toys aid development of cognitive skills, gross motor skills, focus, concentration, imagination, sensory stimulation and more.

Play Based

Deeply researched by experts in early childhood education, each Brainy Bear Box is as much about fun as it is about learning. The activities are unique and are based on the principles of the Multiple Intelligence theory by Dr. Howard Gardner. They are also inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf methods of learning.They encourage children to play, explore and help them learn & develop socially, emotionally, physically & intellectually.

Easy To Use

Every subscription box comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide mothers to deliver structured learning to the child. This helps in achieving the key developmental milestones of early age development.

Safe To Play

All our subscription boxes are designed as per CDC guidelines by WHO. Every toy we make is 100% non-toxic, single use plastic free, recyclable and environmentally sustainable. The learning aids are also internationally CE certified.

Ensures the RIGHT Toy at the RIGHT Age

New parents often want the best for their children but are not aware what are the correct toys to invest in for their babies. The Brainy Bear Early Skills and Brain Development tools are perfectly mapped to the developmental milestones of the baby and ensure they keep the baby engaged and challenged

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: My baby is just 1 month old. Will he/she be able to enjoy the activities given in the box?
The earlier the stimulation, the better it is! Every Brainy Bear Early Skills Box has been designed especially keeping in mind the age of the child. A highly qualified panel of early childhood care professionals who have a deep understanding of early stimulation tools have created these products especially for the age of your baby. The baby may not visibly respond immediately but with regular use as prescribed in the instruction manual he/she will definitely will.

2: How will I get to know about the instructions to follow for each activity?
Each subscription box has a very easy to understand instruction manual inside which gives clear directions about each activity, how to use it and explains it’s benefits, too.

3: Do these subscription boxes follow any particular academic curriculum?
The Brainy Bear Early Skills Boxes are based on the Multiple Intelligence theory. We have taken into account the milestone development and the stimulus needed at each age to come up with these activities which also introduce the baby seamlessly to the world around us and daily activities. A lot of our tools are Montessori and Waldorf inspired as well.

4:Will these boxes help my child to read and write?
These are activity boxes to prepare your child for multiple skills including Pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Formal reading and writing are taught around the ages of 3+ and we have specific products for them like the Writing Readiness Box.

5: Are these just one-time do-able activities?
The activities in the box can be done many times and every time you do these activities with your child, you will find your child enjoying them. As the child grows he or she can use them in a variety of ways.

6:My 8 Months old baby cannot do some of the activities as given in the 7-9 months box while my nephew who is 7 months old enjoys doing all the activities. Does this mean that I need to consult a doctor?
Children have different rates of growth, hence milestones are always only a range and not exact in nature. Our subscription boxes have a range of 3 months. If the child is not able to do the activities in 7 months, he/she will be able to do the activities in 8 months or 9 months. If you constantly feel like the child is unable to do the activities even after 5 or 6 months you may consult your pediatrician.

7:Can my child do these activities on his own?
The Brainy Bear Early Skill boxes have been designed and produced with utmost care and love for your little one. However, parental supervision and guidance will be needed at all times during these early years. This has the dual benefit of building your bond with your baby as well.

8:Are the fabric-based products washable?
We would recommend they are dry cleaned to ensure they last long with their high quality.

9:Are your products safe?
The Brainy Bear Early Skills boxes are single use plastic free and non toxic. The one or 2 products which have plastics have been made with the highest quality. All our products are also internationally CE certified. Most of our products handcrafted with love using fabric, wood or paper based materials and we are proud to share that all our products are "MADE IN INDIA"

10:Can I just randomly order a few boxes to gift it to someone or it is mandatory to order a subscription only?
Every box has been created specifically for an age group and you are free to choose one or more boxes for gifting purposes. The impact is greater with continuity and 3 or 4 boxes will help the child enormously in these formative years.

11:I run a pre-school/mother toddler program/special child centre and want to order in bulk for my students. Can I order in bulk?
Yes, you can and you will be entitled to special discounts as well. For bulk enquiries call us on +917974577181

12:How do I know whether my order has been confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation SMS from our end.

13:How long will it take to receive an order?
Normally, the order is processed on the same day. Deliveries are done by third-party carriers so delivery timelines will depend on pickup and destination locations – typically 3 -4 days at the latest.