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TOP 8 REASONS why you must subscribe to the Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Boxes TODAY!

Helps in Reading Habit Formation

Reading is the best habit you can inculcate in your little one and the earlier this is done, the better. Investing in the right books for your child consistently during the first 10 years of their lives sets the right precedent for their future as well.

Pride in building a personal book collection

Building a small library for your child is critical and the monthly boxes ensure that few wonderful books are added to the collection every month consistently. This builds pride and joy in the child.

Leave the selection of books to the experts

The hard work of selecting 4 to 5 story books which are age appropriate, which engage your child, unlock imagination and build vocabulary have already been done by our expert panel so take advantage of it.

Consistency is KEY

It is very hard to take time out of your busy schedule to select books for your child consistently through the year and this unintentionally halts the exposure of your child so leave the hard work to us and enjoy the consistency.

Pocket Friendly

We have taken care of the budget aspect as well so that the Story Book boxes are pocket friendly as well. So by just spending less than Rs. 10,000 a year you get to build a whole library for your little one. Plus you get a learning aid as a goody too all the way to the age of 5.

Personalised Boxes with your child’s name every month at your doorstep

Our little ones love to see their names on gifts and that is why we have personalized the entire experience. Every box, every month will come with your child’s name right on the box. This also helps in building anticipation and excitement every month for your child.

Option of adding Hindi Story books

You also have the option of adding 2 Hindi story books every month to your subscription box. Bilingual exposure is extremely important at this age.

Indian Authors for Indian Children

Our boxes are the only ones to showcase the best of Indian Authors and Indian stories for our children. This helps in instilling pride, building context and encouraging young budding writers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What does Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box contain?
The Brainy Bear Story Book Subscription Box is specially curated for your child every month. Each box contains 4 to 5 carefully selected beautiful and exciting books as per your child’s age. In addition every box upto 5 years of age comes with a bestselling goody from our store. If you opt for the Hindi option you get 2 additional Hindi books per box.

2: Are the Story Books Boxes customised?
Yes!!! Every box your child receives will have his/her name on top of the box. This personalization builds excitement and encourages the child to wait eagerly for the next box to read the new books.

3: Why should I subscribe to Story Book-Subscription Box when I can buy it online or any offline store?
Our expert team of learning experts and educationists have carefully curated a selection of books from across the best publishers and authors across the country. All the books are hand picked depending on the age, reading ability and interests of your child.  You get an age appropriate learning based goody as well. We spare you the trouble of hunting across stores every month as you get a perfectly curated selection every month right at your doorstep.

4: My child is not able to read some of the story books sent by you in the set. Does this mean that he/she is weak in English or that particular language?
Reading Books is a great habit to develop in your child. During the initial years your child will not be able to read but he/she can still listen and understand very well. Read to your child everyday to form the habit of reading, build imagination, increase vocabulary and bonding with your child. Slowly over time, with rigorous practice your child will start reading.

5: What should be the age of my child to subscribe to Story Book-Subscription box?
Our subscription box starts from 1 year all the way to 9-year-old children. Starting early gives the child greater advantage, however you can start at any point.

6: What if I want to cancel the subscription in between?

 It is not possible to cancel the subscription in between.

7: What are your different subscription plans?
We offer a 1 month, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months subscription packages. The larger the package, the larger the discount.

8: When will I receive my shipment?
You will receive your shipment in 5-7working days the first time and every month on time after that.