The journey of parenting is truly a roller coaster ride. It comes with joys, triumphs, hurdles, self-doubt and even guilt. It is often said that parenting can never be taught but being well informed of your child's developmental phases will definitely make you enjoy this ride more. Get Set Parent- an initiative by Dr Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, an entrepreneur, educationist, and a parenting coach- is a unique platform to learn the nuances of informed and aware parenting. Founder of Brainy Bear Preschools and VP of Early Childhood Association, Dr Pallavi believes in turning home learning sessions into immersive experiences through a scientific approach. A Ph.D. holder, engineer, MBA and a noted speaker at national and international forums, she simplifies all confusions around parenting with ease. After years of research, she is now ready to share her experiences. If you wish to engage in parenting sessions to understand the unspoken words of a child then Get Set Parent is your place to be!


Message from the Founder

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the world of the Brainy Bear Store!

We are delighted that you have made an informed decision to buy our learning aids and toys, which will promote the development of your child’s brain. As you know, the early years are critical in forming neural connections along with aiding the love for lifelong learning. You would be pleased to know that our e-store is a one-stop shop for all the products necessary for the brain development of your little one during his/her early years. We endeavor to be your partner as you go through this beautiful journey called parenting. Each of our products is pedagogically mapped to shape your child’s growth, health and happiness that will further act as a stepping stone for their future. 

All products at the Brainy Bear Store are tailor-made to assist your child achieve the requisite cognitive, fine motor and sensory skills milestones. You would also be glad to know that our e-store is committed to create innovative, practical and safe products for your little bundle of joy to help build his/her early skills across areas such as Sensory Stimulation Skills, Writing Readiness Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Early Reading Skills, Emotional Skills, Art & Craft Skills and Cognitive Skills. Each of our products has been created using early learning research.

We understand that as a parent, your child’s well-being is of paramount importance and we have designed our products keeping these concerns in mind. Each and every product at the Brainy Bear Store has been packed with utmost love, care and hygiene for your precious little one. Take care and Stay Safe.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

Founder, Get Set Parent with Pallavi & Brainy Bear Preschools

Vice President, Early Childhood Association of India 

Chief Curator, Get Set Parent Children’s Literature, Art & Music Festival