Did you know the majority of Montessori toys are wooden? The primary reason is that Dr. Maria Montessori favored toys that were made from natural materials. Since wood is a natural material and easily available, it was used in the production of Montessori-based toys. Besides, wooden toys are safe, visually pleasing, interactive, and create an excellent sensory experience. Brain Development Toys made from wood help children attain different developmental milestones with ease.

Why choose wooden toys?

As a parent, you might wonder about the reasons behind opting for wooden toys for your little one. Here are some reasons -

  • Longevity

One of the most beneficial aspects of investing in wooden toys is that they tend to last for an extended period of time. That means these toys do not break easily and can handle the tantrums of toddlers. Moreover, these toys do not crack or get damaged. Besides, the timeless design of the toy ensures you can keep them for future generations.

  • Open-ended play

Sometimes, babies do not need detailed instructions when it comes to playing with toys. Open-ended toys allow kids to develop their curative skills and imagination. That also encourages them to go on adventures. Wooden toys facilitate open-ended play and are perfect for children.

  • Focus

Did you know that wooden toys can enhance the focus of your child? Yes! That's right. Playing with naturally made toys can assist in improving the focus and concentration of your baby. Moreover, touching the wood and playing with it calms babies and helps in cognitive development.

  • Cause and effect

Teaching cause and effect to your child is necessary during the growing stage. For that, wooden toys offer a great help. Around the age of nine months, babies start to understand cause and effect. For instance, hitting a block of wood on the ground creates a sound.

  • Meaningful engagement

Simply keeping your kid distracted doesn't contribute to the achievement of developmental milestones. Wooden toys keep the child engaged and aid them in creating things from scratch. It is an excellent way to introduce imaginative play.

  • Environmental sustainability

It is essential to care for the environment. Choosing eco-friendly toys for your children is a great contribution to a better tomorrow. Montessori toys are made from natural materials such as wood, cotton, metal, etc. Moreover, these do not harm the environment and have a reduced carbon footprint when compared to plastic toys.

Brain Development Toys: Our favorite picks

At The Brainy Bear Store, we have a vast array of Montessori-based toys. These toys are exclusively designed keeping in mind the requirements of a child at a particular age. Here are our favorite ones for brain development –

1.    Quiet Busy Book-Vowels+ Activity Kit

This combo comes with an activity kit and an interesting book. The kit contains several activities that will keep the children engaged. On the other hand, the book is made up of FELT and other fabrics. Based on vowels, the book aims to assist your kid know more about vocabulary. With this combo package of Brain Development Toys, you can help your child acquire logical thinking, fine motor skills, creative skills, etc.

2.    Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box

The Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box is a wonderful delight for kids. It contains multiple activities that are carefully selected to assist your child in obtaining different skills. With this box, you will find tasks like tracing, lacing, beading, zipping, buttoning, tripod grip, pincer grip, etc. The activities help your baby develop a tripod grip and finger muscle strength. It will also assist them in improving focus, concentration, and finger dexterity.

3.    Animal Theme Montessori Activity Box

The Animal Theme Montessori Activity box contains several activities that are sure to keep your child entertained. The box contains exciting, hands-on learning activities. And the theme of the box is animals. Here, you will find Animal pattern cards, Animal shadow matching puzzle, Wild animals/pet animals habitat, Animal beading set, and DIY aquatic animal block print. If you are on the lookout for the best Brain Development Toys for 2 years, check out this box. The various activities help in the development of visual skills, creativity, fine motor skills, pincer grip, logical thinking, etc.

4. Montessori & Brain Development Toys

The Brainy Bear Montessori & Brain Development Toys are a collection of activities based on the age of the child. You will get boxes between the ages of 0-24 months. These activities help babies obtain developmental milestones. With these Brain Development Toys, your child will acquire fine motor skills, cognitive skills, visual perception, pincer grip, etc.

The Brainy Bear Store is a well-recognized edutainment brand offering a wide range of toys and activities. These toys are designed by early childhood care experts and are made from high-quality materials. If you are on the lookout for Brain Development Toys for 1 year, explore us today!