Children often get bored with the traditional method of teaching. Mixing games with studies is an excellent way to offer knowledge to kids. That way, they are interested to know and explore more while gaining more information. It also helps in attaining academic excellence. Perhaps that is why the introduction of educational games in classrooms has garnered such massive popularity.

Gone are the days when classrooms were strictly limited to textbooks and teachers writing things on the blackboard. The usage of educational games for kids helps in providing an engaging and fun learning experience to the kids. If studying is fun, more and more children will be inclined towards academics. It is also an excellent way to use instructional activities to interact with peers and develop social and emotional skills.

Are educational games in classrooms truly important?

In this era, using learning games for kids is a great idea to keep them engaged. It is also vital to venture beyond the standard academic concept. Offering lessons on skills such as problem-solving, social, community building, etc., is equally important. However, these games need to be well-planned and must be inserted into the classrooms seamlessly.

How educational toys/games can help in learning through play?

There are multiple ways educational toys can help children learn various skills. Here, it is vital to understand that toys are not merely used to keep your baby engaged. It can also be used to make sure they learn something.

Take a look at how educational toys play a critical role in child development –

  • Motor skills
  • Playing helps in the development of motor skills. With educational toys, kids attain fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pincer grip, etc. For example – holding a toy using the thumb and middle or forefinger leads to pincer grip development.

  • Emotional skills
  • Often overlooked, emotional skills are as critical as physical skills. You need to nurture emotional development in order to ensure your kid has a healthy mental state. That means helping them understand emotions and how to process them. Education toys such as puzzles with self-awareness theme can teach children a lot about emotions.

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Perhaps one of the most vital life skills children can acquire from educational games is problem-solving skills. It will definitely help them in the future. The ability to process a problem, assess it, and then find appropriate solutions is not easy to hone. Practice will help children make decisions and learn about consequences.

  • Creativity
  • One of the most critical benefits of educational toys is that it sparks creativity. For example – cutting pieces of paper to create something leads to the development of creative skills. It compels the brain to think of something innovative, leading to the urge to explore new things. Down the line, creative thinking will be one of the most crucial assets.

    Top 3 educational games

    The Brainy Bear Store offers a vast list of educational games for kids. These activities and toys help in the development of a wide range of skills. Take a look at these learning games for kids –

    1.     Brain Development Flash Cards

    One of the best educational games for kids is the Brain Development Flash Cards. These flashcards are learning tools that can easily be incorporated into classrooms. It makes students eager to learn more. Visual representation of information and studying with others make attaining knowledge fun. Moreover, it also plays a significant role in boosting active recall.

    1.     Art and Craft Kit

    One of the most exciting educational games that can be used in classrooms is the art and craft kit from The Brainy Bear Store. Are you wondering how arts and crafts will help your child in education? Well, education is not merely limited to academies. It also includes expanding other critical life skills such as creativity, imagination, and social skills. Art and craft kits come with a collection of papers, colors, and more. Students can color, explore their creativity, and bond with peers in the classroom.

    1.     Brain Game

    Another interesting learning games for kids is the Brain Game. It is best suited for kids between the age of 5-10. It is a wooden board game that helps in improving memory and observation skills. In this game, you have to cover the pictures with the token. Players can remove two tokens within one turn. If the objects match after removing the tokens, the player gets a point. It is also a great way to encourage relationships with other students.

    The Brainy Bear Store boasts of being the one-stop solution for your child's growing needs. We offer a wide variety of learning games based on the age of the child. These activities/toys are carefully selected to help your baby develop developmental skills. These include pincer grip, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, emotional development, social skills, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, etc.


    July 07, 2023 — Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

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