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Poems Books for Children

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All young readers deserve to have poem books as a part of their library. Poem books help children to learn about sounds, build their phonemic awareness and make them avid readers as adults.

List of Books

1. Akkad -Bakkad

2. Aapke Japani Haiku

3. Doodh Jalebi Jagagga

4. Baith Ghoda Pani Pee…

5. Kyoji Beta Ramsahay

6. Nana Nani

7. Tesu Raja Beech Bazar

8. Cheenta

9. Laal Phoolon ki Khushboo Peeli

10. Aloo Bhaloo Chand Samandar

11. Ek Do Dus

Publisher: Eklavya Publications

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