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Gifting Combo | Kids Woven Cotton Floor Durry + Sensory Cube

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Kids Woven Cotton Floor Durry: The first years are indeed the most wonderful. This scientifically designed, high contrast print, cotton floor durry is perfect for your baby – ideal for tummy time, self-play, building attention span, focus, and of course is extremely visually stimulating. Babies can interpret each of its images differently that helps them in the development of their imaginative and logical skills. This durry is also useful in increasing the attention span and memory in the babies.

Sensory Cube: In babies, sensory stimulation helps them learn and develop. Sensory stimulation creates connections in the brain that are needed for accomplishing complex thoughts and tasks throughout their life. The sensory cube is a perfect toy for your little one that can stimulate her tactile and visual stimulation. It has all its faces with different textured fabrics in black and white color which your baby will love to touch and feel.


  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Hand Muscle Strength
  • Grip

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