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Activity Book Set

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This set of fun and learn activity book sets will inculcate varied skills in your child and keep them engaged for long hours. The most interesting thing about this activity set is that it has books that have fun activities as a part of the story which makes them more entertaining and engaging.

List of Books

1. Chalo Chitra Banain / Let's Draw

2. Chhupan - Chhupai

3. Ande Mein Ek Aur Anda Hai

4. Gubbare

5. Tipik Pa Bharr…

6. Anokhi Pradarshani

7. Patte Hi Patte

8. Pass Ya Napass

9. Chitra Paheli

10. Small Origami Book Set (Set of 5 Books)

11. Khelo Ganit

Publisher: Eklavya Publications 

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